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Emotional Detachment - From Food

Updated: Oct 6

What on earth does this mean you ask?!

It means the ability to disassociate from the food on an Emotional level, and consume food and drink from a dissociated place.

Food and drink is consumed because it is nourishment to the body. You don’t consume it to satisfy your Emotional needs such as you feel lonely, or bored, or unhappy, or stressed, or tired, or whatever the Emotion is that you are experiencing that would be construed as a negative / limiting Emotion.

Rather - you deal with the ‘Emotional situation’ in and from an Emotional place instead like for like.

You separate the 2 worlds.

Do ‘you’ eat for Emotional reasons? That is, you use food when you are in ‘states’ of overwhelm, anger, tired, confused, frustrated etc…to change that Emotional state?

If so does it cause you problems from the view point of trying to lose weight and keep any weight lost, off?

If so then you are not alone in this.

We now from statistics that millions of individuals also do the same.

Eating to satisfy an Emotional need – is destructive to the Physical world of trying to lose weight in the first place and to keeping weight off once lost in the second place.

The good news is that, there are lots of people out there in the real world who have lost all the weight they set out to lose, and, are able to maintain their new body weight size and shape with relative ease.

Obvious answer is of course ‘HOW do they do that’?

There are numerous answers to that question, all playing their part in the whole, 1 significant answer though, that is universal and consistent, is that they LEARN to Emotionally disassociate - DETACH - from food and drink.

They do not any more use their diet to deal with Emotional needs or issues. They, as mentioned separate the 2 reality’s.

This skill-set is invaluable when attempting to shift body weight and keep it off. Most people are simply told to eat less and exercise more as a way to lose the weight, but the same people are NOT advised or instructed of this impending problem that is rampant in the real world – Emotional eating as it is known. Unless this is effectively addressed, any weight loss attempt is basically doomed.


Since almost every living human – including the ones that chose to go a on a diet to lose weight – experiences Emotional PAIN every day of their life, the risk of eating whilst in a negative place is very high and the wrong food choices are made, coupled with potential over eating.


So to effectively lose weight you understand that your body must be taken care of and so …

You see food as fuel and not your friend.

You don’t eat for Comfort or DISTRACTION etc… in a nutshell - you consume food and drink for the body’s needs not your Emotional needs.

It needs to be mentioned that the foods you DO eat are tasty and delicious. Just because you are Emotionally dissociated from the food does NOT mean you cannot appreciate and acknowledge and thus experience the taste, texture and smell that IS there.

It’s only the dependency on the food for the taste in order to CHANGE an Emotional state, that you are disassociating from - NOT the taste of the food itself.

You can still enjoy the experience of taste, smell, texture etc, when you eat the food or drink the drink, just you’re not using food in a disempowered way to change the way you feel.

This connection is switched OFF.

VIP are able to regularly avoid food that the so called average person eats day in day that would be classed as high calorie, junk food, fast food, empty food etc… the typical person in the public realm will eat ‘tasty’ food, because it is a means to experience ‘pleasure’ in their daily Life in some way.

A VIP is part able to do this ( disassociate ) because they are ‘important’ / significant in some way ( due to the nature of them being a VIP for whatever reason ) and so their Emotional needs are met much more elegantly then having to stuff in cakes and buns and cookies and chocolate. The other part would be pure will power and effort ( they are still human remember! ).

Let me be the first to admit, again, not every VIP does this. There are always exceptions to the rule remember. But I can tell you from having Coached a large number of VIP in many different contexts of business, entertainment, musical, sports, film etc…over the years, their ability to master food control by Consciously disassociating - is a Secret you may want to emulate!!

Stuffing in ‘dead’ high calorie food and drink that has little or no nutritional value just because you ‘feel’ something bad, is death rattle when it comes to the attempt to ‘maintain’ your physical body weight.

You still get to enjoy the food and drink – that you do consume, you still enjoy the taste and appreciates is unique elements of colour, texture and smell. You are NOT completely switched off.

ONLY switched off from ‘needing’ it as a crutch view point.

Otherwise you will continue to eat and drink when you are Emotionally triggered and thus OVER-EAT and OVER-DRINK. Too many calories ( dead calories ) leads EVENTUALLY to the destination called excess body FAT.

How often have you started to eat say a bar of chocolate and genuinely enjoyed the first bite or two, but after half way you were somewhat ‘numb’ to the taste, yet you ‘STILL’ KEPT PUTTING AND PUSHING IT IN YOUR MOUTH?!

Sound familiar?

Was it because you ‘know’ you needed those calories because you were malnourished!??!

I don’t think so!

Food or drink in your stomach fills the stomach out, changing the amount of room in your thorax left for your lungs to inflate in to, thus your breathing changes when you are ‘full’ after eating ( even partially ). When your breathing changes, this contributes to a change in your ‘STATE’ – the way you are feeling in that moment.

Secondly there is the ‘behind the scenes’ CHEMICAL change that takes place form the intake of food and drink. Regardless of quantity, the changes in hormones and enzymes etc…create changes in the way you feel too.

The Unconscious knowing all this directs you to use ( and abuse ) food or drink to be the cause to the effect of a change in feeling from bad to good or bad to neutral at least.

In the same was a cigarette is used by an individual who is ‘stressed’ or ’bored’ etc… ever seen a smoker put a cigarette in to their mouth and you can see / tell they aren’t even paying any attention to the procedure, it’s almost as if the cigarette is no pleasurable experience for them, rather it is JUST AN ACTION TAKEN - WITH ‘NO’ CONSCIOUSNESS PRESENT EVEN, AT ALL!

Do you do this with your food and drink?

Do you eat for Emotional reasons whatever they are? Do you need to detach from using food and drink as a crutch?

Eating when Emotionally DEPENDENT - is a simple equation on paper, but one that has DEVASTATING effects – all negative and destructive.

Remember the VIP - ‘separate’ - the world of Emotional – from the world of Physical.

This allows them to have a sense of control – that allows them to take constant effective actions toward their outcome to keep the figure / physique in prime condition for those cameras, photo shoots, important business meetings, T.V appearance, video’s etc…

May be worthwhile copying them on this matter, what do you think?!

When I Say Emotional – What Do I Actually Mean?

An Emotion is NOT something that necessarily has to be intense and big and loud and large.

Boredom IS an Emotion. It is a very mild one but it IS an Emotion. At the other end of the scale you could have ‘frightened’. Easy to imagine what someone frightened would sound like, look like and behave like right? well boredom carries its own signature doesn’t it if you think about it.

For the record, an Emotion is not JUST something that is extreme or similar. The problem lies in that people link up that an Emotion is definable by the magnitude it carries. The reality is that – ANYTIME you are having any experience in your body / you are conscious and awake, you are in effect feeling ‘something’ even if it is just as mentioned ‘bored’.

So in simpler terms – you are ALWAYS having an Emotion and are therefore ALWAYS in danger of making the wrong choice ( because your choosing Emotionally not logically, intellectually or intelligently ).

IF you could switch ‘OFF’ that linkage, then you could - would - make your decisions about what to eat for dinner for example – appropriately based on your physical needs ONLY.

Example –

Your BORED and at home and so you walk to the fridge, you open it and say to yourself “ what do I fancy”?

You’re in the Emotional state of boredom and your Unconscious mind is directing you to change the Emotion BY changing your physical body.

( Food in the stomach changes the way you breath and move – thus a shift in your Emotional ‘state’ happens together with the chemistry effect )

What will this result in? Whatever you pull out of that fridge you KNOW it will be the WRONG thing right!

How can you CHANGE this?

What if you instead went up to that fridge and said – “What can I eat here that will nourish me and keep me Healthy and lean”?

Clearly you will pull something very different out of that fridge!

Before you went to the fridge you would FIRST recognise that you were feeling bored and so you would address that situation.

How you personally would eradicate the boredom is subjective because everyone is different.

Dealing with Emotional issues is an entire topic in itself – another 6000+ words! In short, you will need to invest some creative thinking and time in to coming up with some solutions to situations that you already know take you the ‘wrong’ way.

Think about what things you could do for example next time you get bored ( or hungry, or sad, or lonely, or confused, or overwhelmed, or angry or ‘whatever’ the Emotional trigger IS that takes you the wrong way ) using boredom as a sample – you could :

First – recognise the situation, the boredom is there. Don’t submiss it and pretend, that is useless.

Secondly – ask yourself an effective question and FULLY answer it

“What could I do right now instead of stuffing my face, that would be Exciting and Fun”?

Answer could be :

Exercise! Call and speak to a friend. Shower. Go shopping. Browse the net. Watch a funny video / programme. Write out your Life’s ambitions! Meditate. Drink fresh plain water with lemon and lime squeezed in and ‘detox’ for the next 3 hours! Massage your legs. Listen to your all-time best and favourite music LOUD! Have sex – by yourself or with someone! etc…

Or you could just stuff your face and wonder why you feel sad ANYWAY for doing it!!!!


Using food to deal with an Emotional ‘issue’ even slight Emotional ‘anything’ is a disaster.

IF you can ‘learn’ to deal with ‘Emotional’ aspects – Emotionally, and deal with physical needs – physically, gosh you just don’t know how much simpler your Life would get, and the amount of CONTROL you would have would be just mesmerising.

We’re talking about food and drink here and the avoidance of over eating and over drinking as a means to distract oneself from Emotional pain of some kind. If you need to use the physical world – to change the Emotional world, then the only context allowed is one that is neutral or positive.

For example sex as mentioned above is clearly positive whereas smoking as mentioned above is clearly negative, hence the distinctions about when to use physical to change Emotional being allowed.

You follow?

Use physical to change Emotional IF IT IS POSITIVE.

Do NOT use physical to change Emotional if it is NEGATIVE – such as eating and drinking JUST to change an Emotion in the present.

With this skill-set in your tool box, managing weight loss so you never put the weight / fat back on is virtually guaranteed!!!!

I have a simple challenge for you if you’re brave …

Think about a particular time each day where you run a pattern. A predictable pattern. One where YOU get bored, or maybe for you its stressed. Maybe its lonely, whatever the State / Emotion is does not matter as such, just identify it.

Then IN ADVANCE – right NOW before you even continue with anything else today – WRITE DOWN ( you’re not allowed to just think about it ) how you are NOW going to handle that moment in a way that Empowers you.

Using the ‘separate the 2 worlds of Emotional from Physical’ approach – how are you going to deal with that particular Emotion – in and through an Emotional way / vehicle only ( or use physical positive )?

Rather than just give you all the answers ( that would just be too easy wouldn’t it! ) I want to entice you to think Creatively, I want YOU to come up with the answer - BUT COME UP WITH THE ANSWER YOU MUST – understand?

I want you to WRITE THIS ANSWER down on paper or your device. Preferably come up with 2 or 3 options as the answer so that you can have greater flexibility in approaching this Successfully.

Then USE it later, when the trigger ( Emotion ) shows up, pull out your new remedy and wham bam hey presto!

You can do this with as many Emotional triggers as you wish BUT you MUST do the minimum.

Only those of you who are Brave will do this!

Is that YOU??